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Registered Nurse, Case Manager (RN) - Home Health

Braintree, MA, USA

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About the Role

The Registered Nurse, Case Manager (RN) is an integral member of the Elmwood Healthcare Home-Health division's clinical team. This Registered Nurse (RN) acts in a field-based capacity under the supervision of Clinical Supervisors and the leadership team.

The Registered Nurse, Case Manager (RN) is responsible for initial and on-going patient assessment in the development and execution of the interdisciplinary plan of care. This RN also administers skilled nursing care and provides direct patient care on an intermittent basis in the place of residence.


  • Initial Patient Assessment and Plan of Care Development (OASIS)

  • On-Going Patient/Family Education

  • On-Going Patient Assessment

  • Health Management

  • Medication Management

  • Chronic and Acute Disease Management

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Care Teams

  • Execution of Home-Health Plan of Care

  • Management of Skilled Goals and Interventions

Direct Patient Care / Nursing Skills:

  • Medication Management

  • Education and Reconciliation

  • Wound Care (Basic and Advanced, NPTW, etc.)

  • Infusion Therapies (Excluding IV Push)

  • Drain Care

  • Cath Care

  • Ostomy Care

  • VAD Management and VAD Site Care (Excluding Discontinuation)

  • Venipuncture and Blood Sample Collection via VAD


  1. Graduate of an approved and recognized school and/or training program.

  2. Holds and maintains active, unencumbered professional licensure within the State(s) of practice, issued by the authorized Department of Health and/or Board of Registration therein.

  3. Holds and maintains active First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Recusitation (CPR) certification, as required by professional licensure.

  4. Meets all local, state and federal criteria for employment within the designated State(s) required.

  5. One (1) year prior hands-on (practical) nursing experience in an acute or sub-acute setting (preferred).

  6. One (1) year prior nursing experience in the home health and/or home-based care setting (preferred).

  7. Possesses independent clinical judgement and thorough comprehensive clinical assessment skills.

  8. Believes in a connected emphasis on community-based healthcare and demonstrates, through action and clear core values, a shared passion for the goals, mission, vision and philosophies of Elmwood Healthcare, pillared by quality, innovation, access and equity within community-based healthcare.

Elmwood Healthcare - Home Health

Elmwood Healthcare is looking for a committed, eager, passionate and experienced professional to join the team of highly-skilled individuals within our community-based health system.

Elmwood Healthcare's Home Health Division, Elmwood Home Care, is a multi-setting Medicare-Certified, dual-program Joint Commission accredited organization, providing both skilled medical home health care and non-skilled home care services to hundreds of communities by way of Agency branch locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Our committment to quality and focus on enhanced, specialized care has been defining in the organic evolution of Elmwood Home Care, and our attention to high-demand and high-acuity care in the home-based setting has allowed us to deliver our reimagined home health care services to thousands of patients already. This focus, in areas such as home-infusion therapy, advanced wound care and wound management, home-safety and falls prevention, to name a few, have been met with enormous success and positive clinical outcomes for our patients and their families.

Such unique and hands-on approaches to clinical care and home-based community health management work to capture Elmwood Healthcare's system-wide emphasis on the key ideals that we embody, including: Innovation; Individual patient-centered approaches to a wide-range of specialty, chronic and acute care; Health equity and access to promote longevity, sustainability and the provision of high-quality care in community-based settings, allowing our community populations to safely and effectively age in place; And, at the forefront, the highest standards in the provision of high-quality community-based care.

Driven by a passion for community health, Elmwood Healthcare believes in the ways that community-based healthcare positively impacts our communities. Through the delivery of unmatched care, a culture of safety and respect, and endless opportunity for personal, professional and career development, we are committed to igniting change within the healthcare industry. Our focus and goal is to bring care back to the patient, and bring healthcare professionals back to doing what they love- caring for others.

Elmwood Healthcare, at large, supports and cares for communities by providing compassionate, innovative and personalized care. Through a comprehensive, community-based systems approach, we are committed to the delivery of the highest-quality of patient-centered care. Through this model, we maximize patient success and reduce hospital re-admissions to promote higher-rates of successful outcomes. For our patients, this is all possible when care is delivered in the comfort of their own home.

The dedication to each patient Elmwood Healthcare cares for goes well beyond the scope of intermittent services, with primary focus on communication, continuity and growth. Holding ourselves, our teams and our partners in the community accountable to the highest standards of care and operational integrity, Elmwood Healthcare champions the promotion of health-equity, access to viable and necessary community resources and enhanced equal opportunities for each patient and each member of our team alike.

Through these core ideals, Elmwood Healthcare places emphasis on personal and professional growth, skill acquisition through continuous hands-on training, and long-term career development within the organization to promote the development of our professionals, thereby supporting and enhancing integrated access to high quality care for our patients and their families.

Our standards are modeled to mirror those of federally-supported accrediting bodies and lead us to our commitment to ongoing and absolute compliance with local, state and federal regulations, allowing Elmwood Healthcare to further promote large scale positive impacts on our communities.

The execution of our philosophies and missions solidify Elmwood Healthcare as a pioneer community-based healthcare innovation. Pillared by models that emphasize patient-centered approaches, our goals focus on upholding quality, safety, access and equity in healthcare. Elmwood Healthcare emboldens an evolving and limitless vision of opportunity that seeks to continually empower our patients and families, our team-members and our partners in the communities that we serve.

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